Feeding The Streets: How "House of Flava" is innovating New York City cuisine and the rest of the world one plate at a time


Written by Greg Harris

The nature of New York City resonates with many individuals in different ways. As time has moved on, the cultural influence of the city is very present in many ways and it continues to evolve in a fashion where it sets a tone in places outside the borders where things are being cultivated. As the presence of New York City remains as an epicenter for most of the world, it continues to find ways where it can grow and elevate itself in new ways and you find that in the new traditions of what’s happening in each borough.

While the attention for some of the NYC transplants may include spaces such as Astoria, Brooklyn, and Lower East Side, it’s left some of the most historical neighborhoods out of the picture when it comes to continued growth (without gentrification). The growing bubble that comes with the new era of the city paints a modern version of it that doesn’t necessarily connect with the authenticity of the place that it once was. As some of the memorable moments that the boroughs have start to fade away, Bronx homestead House of Flava looks to connect with locals with their comfort food and undeniable presence of paying homage to the past.

Flava (On The right) pictured here with Jazz Cartier, critically-acclaimed hip-hop artist from Canada

Flava (On The right) pictured here with Jazz Cartier, critically-acclaimed hip-hop artist from Canada

Located on the E 233rd St, House of Flava emerges as one of the Boogie Down’s premier places to catch a meal but it was a long journey for them to get this place where they can carry so much influence. The nucleus comes from the man himself known as Flava, a Jamaican immigrant who utilized his hard-working spirit to create different entrepreneurial opportunities that included taxi buses, barbershops, even created a Reggae centered label that hosted a substantial amount of artists.

This nature of being a hard worker translated into his work with his friend that owned the neighborhood favorite restaurant, Lammy’s. As the owner of Lammy’s handled the operations of the business, he gave Flava free reign to be the head chef and allowing his skillful taste to become a staple in the community. Seeing the bond between the two got them to be featured on Anthony Bourdain’s profound show, “Parts Unknown” when they were covering the essence and legacy of the Bronx. Seeing this happen in Flava’s career was only a stepping stone for what was to come later for the budding creative chef.

As time went on, Flava was looking forward to expand his vision and moves when it came to his artistry. What other way to continue that vision but to keep it in the family, and by embodying the vision of the future with your son. So Flava went all in with none other with than his son, Rasheed, who’s the co-owner and chief operator/marketer when it comes to House of Flava. The combination of Rasheed’s witt when it comes to the eye for HOF’s brand and Flava’s compass when it comes to providing the best taste for whoever he serves is dual-threat that has already brought food enthusiasts to enjoy their intimate setting in the Bronx. The modern fusion of both entities blended together bring forth a trail of tradition that’s found in nostalgic energy and new methods of thinking with the way they operate their menu and service to their customers.

House of Flava 1.jpg

Although they may share an emphasis on Caribbean Food, House of Flava doesn’t share traditional habits that some of these other restaurants may have been practicing for years. At House of Flava they took more of a contemporary approach with having customers “Make Your Own Stir Fry”, making their signature Rasta Pasta dish, creative seafood meals, and more.

House of Flava 2.jpg

Along with these special amenities that they thrive in with their food, they specialize in keeping their food fresh for order, and utilizing this gives customers more of a reason to be anticipated for the savory plates that House of Flava is offering.

Between the Uptown Influence, Vintage Basketball memorabilia, modern abstract meals, and aim to move in forward direction, House of Flava is not only going to be one of the most innovative restaurants in The Bronx, but look for this emerging eatery to become of the influential places that tourists will flock to.  

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920A E 233rd St
The Bronx, NY 10466