Talkin' Fresh: Yung Beefy of Friday USA (Circa 2013)


Written by Greg Harris

Fashion has played an essential part into the way we perceive the culture. As the stars are getting fresh dressed, the trend starts with the designer of the brand that these various individuals are wearing. When it comes to designers who are breaking the barrier in streetwear you mention the names of Dertbag, Death Precision, Absurd, Don't Be Mad, and more. 

Another brand who's made their way into the spotlight was Texas based brand, Friday USA. Making some of it's largest waves during the time of 2012 to 2014, Friday USA gave light to different thinking millennials in the Southwest region and emphasized on the matter of going beyond of your borders. Doing this allowed the brand to flourish and work with the likes of Philip Post of Dertbag, The Good Company, The Hundreds, and more.

In our earlier years we had a chance to speak to their owner, Yung Beefy about his upbringing in Texas, how he was influenced to make Friday USA, working with Phil, and more. 

Read more below. 

How’s your Modern Life? 

My modern life is busy right now, I am finishing up my senior year of high school, preparing for college, trying to push Friday, and ultimately attempting to balance out being a kid and running a business.

Where did the idea of Friday USA come from?

 I’ve always been interested in art, but in 2009 I got into screen printing. I would print posters, artwork, and eventually shirts, after a few different names and smaller projects with friends I felt I was ready to start a professional “label”.

Why the name Friday USA? 

Growing up as a kid who regularly attended school, Friday was the most important day of the week. Friday is the start of the weekend, a day where you don’t have to be home in time for school the next morning, a day that you don’t have to worry about homework. You can just go out with your friends, skate, adventure, or do whatever you want. 

Fridays honestly were more than just a day to me growing up; Fridays have a certain feeling behind them. I hope this is the way people view my clothes, not only as clothes, but clothes with an attitude with a purpose.

I added the USA because that is where my brand is based out of, but I feel it also adds a “professional” or “serious” touch to my brand, which is important to establish when you are starting something at a younger age.

What inspired you to make your own clothes?

 As I mentioned earlier, art has always been a big part of my life. I started a few other projects with my friends over the past few years, but around this time last year I started noticing how many young kids were starting and successfully running a professional label. Brands like Dertbag and DPI were/are a huge inspiration for me.

You achieved much success, from connecting with Philip Post of Dertbag to being featured on The Hundreds. How did you feel throughout the whole process of meeting Phil and being posted on The Hundreds? 

Well, I didn’t actually meet Phil in person until sometime in March, but before that, he was always really cool. He gave me a lot of advice in the earlier stages of Friday; I definitely can say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help. He’s blessed me with a lot really cool opportunities, and I am super grateful for our friendship. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages being from Houston? 

An advantage would be that Houston has a powerful influence in itself and the people inhabit it. Houston has its own style, a “Southern” mentality. We still bang Screw, we still eat at Frenchy’s, and we still swang slabs. 

A disadvantage at times would be that Houston is either late or doesn’t pick up on new brands, music, or trends. This wouldn’t entirely be a disadvantage though; it allows one to be inspired by their self or their surroundings, it just makes it harder to stay up and keep up with the new wave.

Who are your top 5 favorite Houston artists (Any Genre, Old and New)?

Any artist in the S.U.C. would be on that list… as far as new Houston artists; I really liked TBWNN’s mixtape “Fake I.D.’s”, definitely some of the best music to come out of Houston in a while. 

What is one weird incident you had with Friday USA since you created it?

 Everything has been running pretty smoothly honestly. One of my principals is always trying to hit me up to buy shirts; I guess that’s pretty weird. 

Favorite TV show growing up and why? 

Off top, it would have to be Hey Arnold. I loved everything about that show, the illustration, the music, the characters… 

What is one thing you wished they had in Houston and why?

 I wish Houston had a street like Fairfax in California. It would be cool to be apart of the “scene” and meet other artists and designers that you look up to.

What movies and music have inspired your style?

 I honestly feel that I am more inspired by the physical objects around me rather than things like movies and music. I am inspired by everything you see in the city as well as the simplistic sound of the forest, I would much rather be in either of those places than inside watching a movie or listening to music.

How did you come up with the name “Yung Beefy”?

 People have been calling me Beefy for a minute now; there isn’t really any cool story behind it or anything though. 

I just needed a nickname at the time and my friend Nick gave it to me. Someone threw in the “yung” pretty recently; I don’t think there was any story behind that either, I guess it was just to remain relevant in this new internet wave. 

So what’s next for Yung Beefy? 

Graduating, moving, adapting, collaborating, and expanding. I have a lot planned and I am excited to see how everything unfolds.

What do you want people to remember when they speak of “Friday USA”? 

I just want people to remember that I am doing this because I love everything about it and it’s something I am passionate about. There is a lot of struggle, a lot of anticipation, and a lot of disappointment in this game, this industry isn’t perfect, but I love it and that’s why I am still trying to be a part of it.