Redefining Florida Fashion: Noxcape Primary Party Recap by Elijah Horton


 Written by Greg Harris

The fashion scene in Florida has always been one to share focus on the essence of the beach, the drug culture, ladies, late nights, and more. The embedding of the culture mixed with the reality of their day to day experiences blend together to feature some of the brightest brands to make their way out of the Sunshine state. 

As we've seen brands such as Stray Roots grow from Miami's backyard to becoming a national success sheds a light of inspiration for brands such as Noxcape. Coming from the land of Orlando, Noxcape have differentiated themselves with their simplistic designs that's curated with film photography for their lookbooks to bring the brand a nostalgic flair. 

We recently had the opportunity to capture some flicks from their "Primary" party that featured some of the fresh threads that they're offering for this summer. Dive into the pictures of the night documented by Elijah Horton below.