The Wizard of Wall: Will John Wall take the Wizards to The Promiseland?

Written By Rahul Lal

John Wall is a superstar, that’s facts. Wall has had a couple passes in seasons prior for failing to reach the playoffs but has no room for error anymore. He signed a contract extension worth $170 million over fours signifying this as a make-it or break-it season.

We can analyze his skill set all we want but the 23 points and nearly 11 assists per game last season says it all. Add on top of that, an impressive playoff performance where he willed himself to only up his game and force a seven game series with the Boston Celtics - a team that was much better than the Washington Wizards. The Wizards started the season off cold last year and looked like they would once again miss the playoffs but with the emergence of Otto Porter and the sustained health of Brad Beal, the team locked up home court advantage.

Make no mistake, given the lack of depth on the roster and fragile health of the starters, Wall has done an incredible job through the years of taking the Wizards to the second round of the playoffs three times in the last four years. The only real question left is how much better can the Wizards get? Does John Wall have that much development left to keep transforming his team?

The Wizards are now locked into a John Wall, Brad Beal, and Otto Porter big three for years to come because of the money the three are making. While Beal can still get better and Porter has only just begun his development, the Wizards’ future success rests entirely on the shoulders of John Wall and how far he can take them. In a depleted Eastern Conference, it’s time for Wall to really make his push to be in the top tier of NBA point guards.