⚡MLM Sports⚡ Get to Know CCU's Garner Harris


Written by Greg Harris

Coming from the storied Texas High School, Westfield High, Harris played alongside some of the nation’s most polarizing players such as University of Houston’s Ed Oliver, University of Florida’s Tyrie Cleveland, LSU’s Toby Weathersby, and more. Growing his game with the stellar staff at Westfield and playing against high-level talent in the state, Harris’ tenacity, strength, and “down your throat” running style made him an X-Factor in his own right. These attributes attracted the eyes of CCU and it was soon after that the University offered Harris a scholarship to their football team. 


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Coming in during their inaugural season, Harris stuck out as the “lead by example” figure for the CCU Eagles and was the enforcer on the offensive side of the ball. Despite having an unsuccessful streak as a team, Harris has made great breaks in his time at CCU like his 129 yard and 2 touchdown game earlier this month. The team captain has shown a tried and true effort on and off the field, and it’s only right for this standout talent to receive the recognition he deserves.

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Best Games to Watch

36 Rushes, 129 Yards, 3.6 yards per run, 2 TDs vs. St. Andrews (N.C.) // Watch Here. 

26  Carries, 54 Yards, 0 TD,  2.1 yards average vs Warner University // Watch Here 

18 Carries, 42 Yards, 0 TD,  2.3 yards average vs Ave Maria // Watch Here