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Press Lives Matters : Wane Chism, Wiz Kid behind Popped Cherry + Flavors Creative

In Texas, it's a large cast of creative individuals who are pushing the medium beyond the spirits of the Lone Star state. One of the pivotal people in the space who's pushing the beyond the boundaries of Austin, TX is Wane Chism, who's a marketing guru in his own right and going above the standard to deliver some of the best creative ideas for artists and brands. With his involvement with growing blog site, Popped Cherry, creative firm Flavors, and managing the likes of The Teeta and DONTHYPEME, he has a full plate on his table but he's maneuvering in a fashion where it seems somewhat effortless. While he's on a mission to change the perception on what it means to be a creative manager/businessman in Texas, Wane is crafting some modern ideas to break the mold in the nation's Live Music Capital. 

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