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Press Lives Matter: Ashley Natareno, Publicist + South Florida Tastemaker

Ash Nat has played an instrumental role into the emerging music scene in Miami with representing the likes of Twelve'len, Native Youth, J.K The Reaper, Trianglxs, and more. Being such a profound publicist in the area has not only given her the voice to put on new artists but also point them in a direction of popularity in a different direction. Her scope on the scene there has given her an oppourtuntity to also have a show, "GRL PWR" on Stationhead, an emerging online radio platform that has recently been merged with Apple Music. Given her track record in South Beach, Florida certainly has a tastemaker on their hands and it's only right that Modern Life gave her time to tell her story. 

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The Sun's Godsend: A Conversation With Twelve'Len

Towards the end of 2016, we focused on the growing scope of what the Florida music scene and found a hidden gem with Twelve’Len. Shining a beaming perspective of life with his insight making songs for those aspire to break the barrier and go beyond human limits. Whether this meaning he crafts in his lyrics is taken figuratively or literally, it’s a direct message given in his work and that’s to experience, expound, and evolve. 

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