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Strength + Power in Numbers: How Marino Infantry Changing the Scope of Music + Culture

When you comb through the scope of the hip-hop scenery, it’s safe to say that the DMV has been making waves on their own for quite some time. As time goes on, the artistry found in their sound continues to expand with the likes of Q Da Fool, Xanman, Moneymarr, IDK, Rico Nasty, and many more who have been pushing the envelope. As those names have been making headlines, Marino Infantry remains one of the most influential groups in the region that delivers a stylistic approach to the game. 

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The Prince of Mumble Validates His Voice : Playboi Carti "Die Lit" Album Review

The king of adlibs and prince of leaked music, Playboi Carti has released his second full-length album as of May 11. “Made a mil of that mumbling shit...” pretty much sums up the self-awareness of said album. Where some artists would try to distance themselves from the thematic elements that make up the inappropriately named “mumble rap” sub-genre, Carti doubles down and proves the artistic merit to any “old-heads” or doubters of the aforementioned sub-genre.

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