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K$K with the help of Javier Rodriguez and Venusian delivers a new spin on Hussle and Emotion in the short film, "Walked In"

One of those people who’s pushing things forward is Midwest to Northeast transplant, K$K, a skilled and dedicated director who’s paved a way for herself behind the lens. As she’s went from shooting some of your favorite’s early music videos to writing credible festival short films, K$K has remained cool through it all and looking to progress in the process.

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Philadelphia's rising platform, 2SEATER is highlighting some of the freshest creatives in the game at a consistent level

Coming from the depths of Philadelphia, 2SEATER is a new age audio platform that’s allowed some of the most impactful acts in the space of art and creativity to speak on their experiences in their industry, and how they’ve been able to achieve success in it. Although the platform has been putting folks on but it took some road blocks and preparation for them to achieve their recent victories.

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The Art of Perfection + Development: How Philadelphia Production Collective, Working on Dying molded a star out Matt Ox

When it comes to the soundscape of what’s hot and what’s new, it’s a lot of artists who are coming up in different funnels of the rap industry, and with it being a climate where things can crash and burn very easily, you see a lot of these fast rising artists leave as fast as they came. In the young budding star from Philadelphia, Matt Ox’s case he’s been able to create a big splash with a crazy single and visual but during his process of growth he was able to maintain the tide to unleash a big wave with his debut project.

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