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Jaden Smith is in the midst of Sophomore Curse and Riding a New Wave with his new effort, "EYRS"

I am definitely not one for outright hate towards the work of just about any artist. Especially if that artist has spent years refining their craft, taking criticism to the jaw, putting their nose to the grindstone, and focused on earning their spot in the industry.

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Mac DeMarco creates a body of work that will sustain and grow over time with his release, " Here Comes The Cowboy"

Since the release of his critically-acclaimed 2014 album, Salad Days, Mac Demarco has maintained his position as one of the most recognizable faces in indie music, putting out albums every other year. However, none of them have ever seemed to reach the success of Salad Days; 2015’s Another One EP felt like B-sides of it’s predecessor, while 2017’s This Old Dog did present a somewhat new sonic palette, the project still relied heavily on already established Mac-motifs.

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