Redefining Revenge with Collaboration // How Dreamville created a unique experience for the music industry with their release "Revenge of The Dreamers 3"

Written by Kolin Miller // Photos by Wxllxxm

In the past I wasn’t the biggest fan of the mixtape series: Revenge of the Dreamers. First off, the name struck me as another corn product of J. Cole who, though I am a fan of, is no stranger to cheese-corn. Each time a mixtape would come out, I would have to block out all the rabid hype from the foaming mouths of J. Cole’s most dedicated fans in order to carve out my own opinion on the tapes. And each time, I was underwhelmed. Yeah, sure, the music wasn’t inherently bad, it just all sounded exceedingly similar with one, maybe two, tracks that I would put in my rotation for about a week or so. 

“I Woke up for some MOOOOONNNNNAAAYYYYY --- Aye”

- KungFu Kenny, “Under The Sun.”

Revenge of the Dreamers III has now been out for a couple weeks, and I have still not stopped listening to most of the tracks. My opinion of this latest installment in the series has definitely made me ponder revisiting the other projects leading up to this one – and I never revisit stuff unless I am that impressed. R3D has features from some of my favorite artists in the game as well as many rubies, sapphires, and various other gems from some up-and-coming names you do NOT want to ignore. 

All I wanna say after my 1000th listen of this project is THANK YOU JERMAINE LAMARR COLE. 

Thank you for being a guiding influence on today’s culture. Thank you for not falling into the “old-head” stereotypes. Thank you for not only believing in, but embracing the youth and their direction. Thank you for using your influence for good. Thank you for putting all these artists together for the sake of sonics. Thank you for reaching No. 1 with ALL features. Thank you for Zoink Gang. Thank you for the project, thank you for the work, and thank you all @each and every dreamer on the project. 

Damn near every feature by JID on here is on some “Princess Azula” shi, no cap.

I think it’s best to leave my opinion on the album above without delving into the specifics of what shaped my opinion so you can discover everything on your own instead of listening for what I point out. Of course, however, this would not be an official K. R. Love piece without me pointing out some thunderous stand-out tracks and moments on the project I absolutely love. 

THUNDER (in sort-of particular order): 

  1. Under The Sun – J. Cole, Lute, DaBaby + a lil some-some from Kung Fu Kenny

  2. Oh Wow…Swerve – J. Cole, Zoink Gang, Key! & MAXO KREAM BIHHHHHH

  3. Cost Rica – Bas, JID, Reese LAFLARE, Guapdad 4000, Jace, Mez, Smokepurpp, Buddy & Ski Mask The Slump God

  4. Sacrifices – EARTHGANG, Smino, Saba, J. Cole.

  5. Got Me – Ari Lennox, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign

What did you think of the project? What collaborations are you anticipating as a result of this project? Were you a fan of the previous installments or was this third mixtape the first you enjoyed? Let us know what you thought. Talk to ya next time!

K. R. Love