More Than An Outskirt Suburb: How These 5 Conroe Artists Are Ushering New Talent for Texas

Written by Patrick Garland

The music scene that’s been developing in the Houston area as of recent has been surreal to say the least. Just last year Houston superstar Travis Scott dropped his highly anticipated album “Astroworld”, the album shedding a light onto the nostalgia that was the Houston music scene, while also helping to bridge the gap between what it now is, “Can’t Say” (track 13 of Astroworld) featuring young city talent Don Toliver.

While Travis is making quite the name for himself and his city, Meg the Stallion’s quick rise to stardom must also be noted, the artist finding national fame in only a matter of months. Meg quickly found her way into her fan’s hearts, coming up with the idea of a “Hot Girl summer“ which served the purpose of enlightening women of their innate beauty. And then you have Maxo Kream, a staple to the Houston music scene who just dropped his anticipated album “Brandon Banks” after recently signing multiple record contracts with RCA and Roc Nation. 

With just these household names in mind, it is obvious that Houston has been pressing the agenda recently in terms of the versatility of its music scene, so it is only right that it started expanding outward into the less known suburb of Conroe. The suburb, an hour away from the heart of Houston, has introduced multiple artists to the scene that everyone needs to hear, these names including: Kel Finessin, Ocho Jay, 20GAGE, Globoi Savage, and $tiff Barbie

Kel Finessin and Globoi Savage, together & individually, represent what the future of the Conroe music scene will be. In their popular song “Cartier”, the two describe their gritty lifestyle on an upbeat beat. It features Kel Finessin delivering a catchy, but unique, hook, with Globoi Savage making a perfect compliment to it with his verse. 

But regressing from the trap side of music in Conroe, we now move on to 20GAGE, an artist who relates to his fans from the painstaking commonalities of life through a more subtle rap style. In addition to 20GAGE having an exceptional lyrical ability, he also produces the majority of his work as well. In order to gain a better insight into 20GAGE and the heartfelt music he has to offer, you should check out his tracks “BETTER W/O ME” and “On The Edge”. 

Moving on to Ocho Jay, the popular Conroe artist was able to find rhythm to his music career off of his popular song “Believe”. Ocho’s lyrical versatility since then has become exceptional, with the artist being able to find his groove within the auto tune world, and using this to improve the overall quality of his sound and music. His potential for stardom is obvious just listening to his first song versus a more current one, such as “Stay Down”. Ocho serves a vital part to the scene and continues to push the agenda of it daily. 

In terms of stardom and recognition, $tiff Barbie has made quite a notable impact on the Conroe scene, with her popular song “Barbie Bitch” running up almost 50k views within a week, and an array of high-quality videos following up with it. The artist has had quite the year following the release of her video “Barbie Bitch” around a year ago, receiving a lot of hate because of her cocky rap style. Although Stiff Barbie isn’t as lyrical as the other artists named, she still can’t be counted out due to her ability to think and move like a celebrity would.

To end off, in terms of pushing the agenda for the music scene in Conroe, these 5 artists are doing an exceptional job at it and are only paving the way for others to follow in the future. - P.G.