Jurassic Living Legend: Can SlimeSito Solidify Himself Completely in Atlanta's Scene

Slime Sito Article.jpg

Written by Greg Harris  

As we may know, Atlanta has become the haven for where hip-hop is today. In the process of bringing us different stars with the likes of Migos, Lil Yatchy, Young Thug, Future, Yung Bans, Gunna, and more, it's easy to say that the scene there has been quite versatile for quite some time. In the midst of these stars growing and building their mold, artists such as Slime Sito have been continuing to keep it 10 toes down and laying down a solid for the underground scene in Atlanta. 

That being said, Slime Sito has definetly has put in his paid dues to be where he's at now, but the question is how well can he break into this national market. Seeing the appeal for his music with hit such as "Revenge" and "Schizophrenic", it's given him a platform that has moved beyond the barriers of Jurrasic Park, Atlanta. In the process of having these hits, it must certainly be a breakthrough for him to touch the nation's heart with his dedicated grittiness/modernized mafioso approach to his music. 

Coming off the release of his latest project, "Scarface Sito", he's garnering the eyes of many and making sure his material is getting heard the right way. Now it's purely up to the listeners across the world to catch wind to him and his movement. By no means, the cultural influence that Sito has left on Atlanta has been second to none, but it's the music and the message he's transcribing that needs to be heard. Nothing but best wishes from our end to see Sito succeed, now it's just time for the world to fully dive in and get intrigued. 

Check out his project, "Scarface Sito" below.