The Rundown: Frank Dinero

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Written by Greg Harris

If you've been paying attention to what's been going in the 3rd Coast music scene, South Carolina has been taking off as an area who's been pushing the boundaries when it comes to the infrastructure of their sound. You've seen it with the likes of Shawn Scrilla, NGeeYL, Renni Rucci, and more who have been receiving much love for their sound. Another artist who's been paying his dues and making headway in the state is Frank Dinero.

Coming off the heels of his heavily dedicated project, "Dear Trap", it gives a glimpse into the life of Dinero and how effortlessly he telling his stories of getting to the point of success with much struggle and hard nights to reach that level. In the process of doing so, he's gained his stripes of becoming one of the OGs in the South Carolina scene and since then he's garnered the love of others in the Southeast region and beyond with some of his records reach Billboard's Indie Hits charts. If he continues to go on the route he's going on now, he's destined for even more great things coming his way due to his unique sound. 

We recently had a chance to speak to Mr. Dinero about his upbringing, becoming one of SC's prominent acts, how did he go about recording "Dear Trap" and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life?

The typical life of an artist tryna make it

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up?

Pray, make sure my family straight, and then go get that bag

Growing up in South Carolina, how would you describe your upbringing? 

Regular hood shit, same as everywhere else. My parents tried to raise me the right way but grown up in my neighborhood it was a lot of influences around me so I chose another path. 

Compared to the rest of the south, how would you compare South Carolina to the rest of the 3rd Coast?

Most slept on but also most talented hardworking true hustler individuals than any state i know... 

Coming from an area that hasn’t necessarily had a defining sound in hip-hop, how feel about this sudden emergence of talent coming from the Carolinas in the past year? 

It feels good that people finally paying attention now it’s motivating us to work harder cause we finally see doors opening

Compared to most of the talent that’s coming from the state, you’re one of the most seasoned acts that’s been laying his foundation for quite some time. How you felt like your experience has been one of the main strengths to your sound? 

Because I can only rap about what I’m going through.

In addition to your experience with your sound, you have a distinct sound that embodies a large body of songs that center around storytelling and push + pulls of honesty on multiple tracks. What artists and experiences have inspired you to be as honest as you are when you’re in the booth? 

A lot of artists inspire me because they don’t tell the truth they tell the halfway truth or not the truth at all. I want to let people know I’m fucked up like them, got bills to pay like them. People need to know it’s 2 sides and artist are human too.

Another admiring aspect to your material is the fact you’re relentless in your efforts of performing. What inspires you to keep pushing the needle not only when it comes to releasing your music but also being capable of performing in front of a crowd as well? 

The reaction I get when people know my music word for word. It’s like the best feeling make you never wanna stop doing what I’m doing

You recently released your latest project, “Dear Trap”, a cohesive piece of work that tells testimonies of life and the streets in 10 tracks. What were some main influences when you were recording this?

I had more fame than money and I was angry and broke so it made me wanna write about an artist transitioning from the streets to the rap 100%

What were some of your most memorable moments recording this project?

When I cut ties on what was holding me back now I’m back better than ever 

"I just want people to know even though we are from we’re from, a counted out state, you still can achieve your dreams and your goals"

Why do you think this project will set itself apart from the other bodies of work you’ve released in the past?

Because is it's personal and relatable its an insight on what I go through 

In the long run, how do you want to be an influence in the South Carolina scene?

I just want people to know even though we are from we’re from, a counted out state, you still can achieve your dreams and your goals 

In what ways you feel like you will be able to separate yourself apart from other musicians in the South Carolina area?

Stay in my lane 

What are three goals of yours you want to accomplish this year?

Catch the eyes of some labels, make my brand larger in all 50 state, and for me to be in a better financial situation to make sure everybody around me straight 

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

That I overcame the doubt, stayed solid, took care of my family and friends, put my people on if I was on, never snitched, kept it real with my niggas and one of the realist individuals to walk this earth. 

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