Press Lives Matter: Eddie Young, Houston based Tastemaker + Daily Chiefers Writer

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Written by Greg Harris 

Press Lives Matter has given creatives a platform to speak their peace in the industry that they work in, but it's also gave light to readers to pick up on different tips and strategies that certain individuals have taken to get to the position that they're in right now. In the midst of speaking to different individuals to shed light on their path to success, we recently had the opportunity to speak with one of Houston's brightest tastemakers in the game, Eddie Young. 

Always bringing fresh and innovating ways of integrating artists in different realms, Young has been apart of the Houston culture scene for quite some time. Having an affiliation with the famous "Icey Life" collective, that housed talents such as Dice Soho, Trill Sammy, Nate Da'Vinci, and more, Young always was around to see and be apart of the progression of what the Houston rap scene has ultimately grown to be in recent years. Due to his involvement with being a liaison of fashion and a writer, he's plugged in and influenced many people to take an alternative route in the music scene in H-Town.

We recently had a chance to talk to Mr. Young about his upbringing, his role as a tastemaker, being a writer, and more. 

Read below. 

How’s Your Modern Life?

I'm sick right now, but other than that fantastic.

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up?

Take a shower, brush my teeth, and EAT.

Coming up in Houston, how was your upbringing?

Weird, I had two houses. One in Ridgemont of Missouri City, TX and one in Sugar Land,TX. My parents were never really together when I was growing up. So I got a taste of both worlds. I was in an all-white middle school but hung out with all the kids from the hood. I never acted like I was from the streets even though my mom's house was in it.

How would you compare the nature of Houston compared to the rest of Texas?

Houston is really a world of its own. It's real easy to get stuck here and forget there's a world outside of it.

Before playing a pivotal role into the Houston music scene, you were once learning your way around the game with hanging with Dice Soho and Maxo Kream back in their earlier days. How would explain the nature of the Houston music scene at the time and what you think you guys were going to offer differently at that time?

We were all kids except Maxo. We had room to mess up and learn from our mistakes.

What were some challenges you think you guys had to face at that time just being artists/creatives coming from a different background?

The lack of exposure Houston had at the time. People outside of Texas didn't really care for the music scene here until they had to again.Shout out Travis Scott.

Being a lifelong member of Icey Life, how could you say that the collective of individuals involved in it including yourself, Dice, Sammy, Nate Da’Vinci, Daze Suave, and more have been a new source of inspiration to kids in Houston?

Never was apart of Icey Life. Just affiliated. But we all just stayed true to ourselves and what we were passionate about. We took a lot of L's individually before anything really popped off big.

Shortly after linking people together during your time with Do Good, you started to explore the opportunities of writing. What drew you to take upon this venture?

Icey Life really put in my head. Especially Nate and Lew. They just knew I always knew what was going to be hot in the future and had a well-rounded taste in music.

"I don't want to share my goals. I rather just do them. I want people to remember that I actually gave all I had. There were times where I did so much stuff for free (still do) just help someone else win. Being able to help change artists lives genuinely makes me happy."


In the course of doing this, you’ve gotten the ability to write for platforms such as 713 Mag, Houston Hip Hop Fix, and Daily Chiefers. Having this broad array of publications to write for, how does this give you a scope on what’s next and popping in different areas?

I get to actually meet a lot of these artists and over time I've just learned the game and understand all aspects an artist needs to flourish although those aspects vary for different artists.

Being in a position of being a tastemaker, what do you think are your biggest responsibilities in 2018?

Being honest. I hate fake support/love. As a tastemaker, it's my job to give my honest opinion and actually give feedback to the artist so they can actually improve. There's no point in me telling an artist that I disliked something and don't tell them why.

How do you feel like you can continue to elevate and cultivate your respective industry?

I hate talking. I rather keep showing you.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I don't want to share my goals. I rather just do them. I want people to remember that I actually gave all I had. There were times where I did so much stuff for free (still do) just help someone else win. Being able to help change artists lives genuinely makes me happy.

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