The Rundown: .BLAIR


 Written by Greg Harris  // Photos by Kolby Delce 

As those who aren't familiar with how the Houston music scene has grown into something that develops and shapes something different from the days of Swisha House. Since then there has been a shift for Houstonians to push the boundaries and really have a chance to spark creativity in different areas. 

You can hear that in the voice of rising Houston artist, .BLAIR, an emerging act who's putting his foot forward towards creative energy and crafting a new sound with his material to bend the rules of what it means to be from Houston in 2018. He's done so with his project, "Year Of The Dog" and his latest visual, "Through My City". He's starting out to be something that Houstonians to keep an eye out for and poised to be making some waves this year. 

We recently had the opportunity to talk to him about his upbringing, the influence of his sound, his relationship with Rocky Banks, and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life?

STURDY. Shit is moving well ATM I’m blessed

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up?

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit I’m still in high school HAHA I’m a senior, but shit typical get ready type shit

How was your upbringing coming up in Houston?

Man, I loved growing up in this city… My parents split so it’s like I got two different spectrums of shit. My mom put me in school in river oaks, but every day after school I would be on MLK or somewhere on the Southside with my pops. Outside of that…My brothers taught me almost everything I know.

Coming up in Houston, how would you say the city separates itself from the rest of the South?

Ight so this is just my theory… Niggas realize Houston started the chopped & screwed wave… BUT nobody realizes Houston actually is slow. I love the vibe and our people, but I feel like we got left behind in this southern take off shit. Florida BOOMIN… ATL BOOMIN... SO-CAL BOOMIN…. We need that tsunami again. Crazy thing is we have FIRRRREEEEEEEE artists in our city, but the only nigga with that mainstream light is Travis.

When it comes to the construction of your sound, how would you say the city has influenced you? 

In most of the songs, you’ll hear the slowed down adlibs, or hear me say something Houston based. In all honesty though, I don’t really try to sound Houston. I just talk Houston because I been here my whole life.

Your sound is also something that is very abstract to what Houston is bringing to the forefront at the moment, how would you say you differentiate yourself from the rest of the artists that are coming up in the city?

My music is how I feel at the moment really. I always try to push the fuck out of sonics with different effects and stacked vocals. When I first started out, I had like a cloud rap type vibe. That shit didn’t get me as hype as my favorite songs, so I was like nah… I know what my generation likes…. I know what I like and I wanted to wild out to my own shit. So, I started doing shit you’re hearing now. THAT NEW SHIT THO… Just wait on it… Sturdy Up in the meantime though.

Speaking of artists in Houston, you’re pretty close with on the verge rapper, Rocky Banks. How would you say you guys relationship is and how do you think he helps you as an artist?

That’s my brother. I met Rocky way before I started rapping, before he dropped I.O.N.I.D.D.D.A. So it’s not just about music when we link up. However, when we do talk music it’s more of a business aspect. He just putting me on game so I don’t have to go through certain shit. Being in the studio with him is lit as well though, he’s executive producing my album.

Aside from that, what have been some pivotal moments for you as an artist that has solidified your fanbase in Space City?

When I first started making music I was dropping a song almost every week. It was a different vibe tho. However, they fucked with it. Shortly, after my friends started hosting these shows “Modern Lover Boiler Room” 1,2 & 3. That is what got me the majority of my fan base.

What are three things you want to achieve in 2018 as an artist?


2. Riches

3. Bitches, but to be more specific, ultimately I want to actually ink the shit I have in talks by the end of this year. Not gone jinx or talk about it though.

What are three ways you want to revolutionize music for Houston?

I want to push sonics and effects to the next level. I know I will. The songs I have that I’m sitting on might shock a lot of people. Performance. I want to take stage diving to the next level. Ima be the rap JEFF HARDY!!!

What are three things you need when you go to the studio?

My phone, cause that’s where my content at. 2 backwoods full of Thrax.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as one of the most diverse artists of all time. I put a (.) before BLAIR, people probably don’t even know what that means. Like any file name they put a (.) before. .wav, .mp3, .JPEG, and .mp4 are examples. Basically, I want to learn to work on every file. Video editing, flyers, music, etc.… Ima do it too.

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