The Hustlers Catalog Episode 2 // End of The Year Awards: Los Angeles

The Hustlers Catalog Promo Boosie.png

Written by Greg Harris

Modern Life Mag is moving in the direction of creating original content so our platform is more versatile. That being said, one of the key pieces that’ll be taken place on the MLM platform is our new podcast, “The Hustlers Catalog”. We kicked it off with our first guest, emerging Houston artist DONTASKGEN. In preparation of his project, “DONTASKFORLOVE” and coming off the heels of releasing his first single, “Scene” via No Jumper, Gen spoke on various topics and overall had a great kickstarter for the series. You can check out the full episode here.

Following that episode, I decided to take it upon myself to honor some of the most hardworking folks that are currently coming out of the West Coast this past year. Throughout the podcast, it covers the various artists making an impact, businessmen and individuals behind the scenes that’s making a difference, and publications + podcasts that are covering some of the highlights in the area.

Check out the new exclusive episode and the playlist for the episode below.