Came Out of Nowhere: Why Lil Mosey might be one of the key voices to listen to in 2018

Lil Mosey.jpg

Written by Greg Harris 

As it may be no surprise how much Elevator has paved the way for artists to break out their region with the likes of Chief Keef to Comethazine to Maxo Kream and more. The list can go on and on when it comes to artists establishing their debut on the site but recently it was an artist who really came out nowhere and has established himself with a footing in the game with his new single that's at a million views in the matter of a month. This being the 15-year-old unknown rising artist, Lil Mosey. 

Scoring a premiere with Elevator, he has excellently pushed his new video, "Pull Up" in a fashion where it has organically caught the ears and eyes of many while effortlessly having a sound that's easy on the listener to rock with. As that may be the strongest single of his due to the crazy visuals that are accompanied by it, one of the standout records that can resonate with new listeners as well is "Lame Shit", which is a smooth ballad dedicated to his friend Kilo. The delivery is very reminiscent of 24hrs but the subject matter differs with him being younger and going in a different lane with the portrayal of his music. 

If you scan throughout his Soundcloud, it's a thread of singles that shows you the potential that he carries sonically, now it's just time for him to continue his music in a fashion where he's ready for the next level and not be considered as a microwavable internet sensation for this month or the next. On the contrary, the material that he has released says otherwise but the test of time will tell and Lil Mosey has shown he's ready to conquer whatever 2018 has to offer. 

Listen to his other songs below.