Producers Only: ChasetheMoney

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Written by Greg Harris  

As Modern Life Mag continues to grow more and more as a platform that's providing the free space to let creatives speak their mind about their passion, the industry they work in, and how they want to revolutionize their creative space. In doing this, the importance of producers having the voice to share their opinions on the music game, how they should be treated, and how they want to continue to blaze a path for different artists. This is the reason why we created "Producers Only", an interview series dedicated to those who are behind the boards and making these happen and allowing to have a powerful voice behind their efforts to make the best sound possible. 

In our first edition of this interview series, we wanted to start off strong and we wanted to give insight into the future into the art of producers who are on the rise right now. One of the captivating individuals who's breaking the glass with his sound is ChasetheMoney. The groundbreaking producer has played an instrumental role into the sounds of G.O.O.D. Music signee Valee and Chicago buzzing artist G Herbo along with catering the to the grooves of the younger generation with Comethazine, Lil Wop, Steve Cannon, and more. Seeing as he's weaved in and out of different synths with various artists, ChasetheMoney is on the path of being one of most influential producers for this new generation. 

We had a chance to speak to the St. Louis native about his upbringing, his inspirations, how's he selected on working with different artists, what producers need, and more. 

Read below. 

What are three things you have to do when your first wake up? 

Brush my teeth, roll up a Backwood & make a couple beats.

How was your upbringing in St. Louis? 

I went to private school growing up. 

How would you compare the experience of living in St. Louis to the rest of the South? 

It ain’t really a difference to me besides air compressions.

Who were some influential artists and producers who played a crucial role in your sound today? 

I listened to a lot of Project Pat & Cher.

The way that you’re creeping into the Midwest sound with Z Money and Valee. How did you first link with them and what drove you to continue to work with them? 

I met Valee 4 years ago, I met Z earlier last year. I just like making music with them. 

In comparison to the work you’ve done for street rappers, you also have hits with Comethazine, Steven Cannon, and Lil Wop. What drives you to collaborate with the younger and more energetic field of artists? 

I'm 21 so I ain’t no old nigga, I work with who I click with on a personal level. 

In 2017, you’ve reached the goals of getting a co-sign from G.O.O.D. Music. When that happened did that give a sure sign of assurance that you’re on the right path? If so, explain why. 

Shit that doesn’t really matter to me, I never cared for co-signs. Didn’t make a difference to me. Shout out to good, appreciate that. 

Achieving such a great feat in your career already, what are some goals of yours in 2018?
Plaques plaques plaques, I need em. 

How do you want to be known when it comes to your production? 

Chasethemoney Chasethemoney!

What are three things producers need in 2018?

  1. Fast laptops,
  2. 2. lots of hard drives,
  3. Weed. 

How do you want to revolutionize music?

Just by making different sounds, being myself & making my best music. 

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

Ima be a living legend. 

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