Dallas/Forth Worth Underground King: The Short Story of TAY-K 47

Written by Christian Simon

So everyone knows that artist TAY-K was arrested recently and it was a big blow out not only to people that knew him but in the underground scene going on in Dallas today. The media and news portrayed TAY-K being a violent and murderous teen but if you knew him and hung around him everyday or just got the chance to meet him you wouldn't find him to be any of those things that the news says he is.

I first heard of TAY-K back when I was a freshman in high school. That also was the year I started photography and back then TAY was apart of a group called Daytona Boyz. TAY would hit me up every so often to get some pics in and I would always be down rather it’s in Dallas or around somewhere close. The group ended up splitting and who was left from it was Ezra TAY-K’s manager and very close friend, Pimpyz, TAY-K’s brother and TAY-K himself.

Since then TAY-K has released a gang load of new singles that has really put him on the underground scene. When I started my blog back in 2015 I've always supported TAY’s music, I also had the chance to premiere one of his singles which is called “KickBack”, which is one of his most popular records. I also attended his concert with the Goth Money crew back in 2015 where he performed his hit track “Sly Cooper” and it was so lit seeing the people feed off of his energy even though if some didn’t know him they knew who he was by the time they left. TAY-K has developed tremendously as a young artist and has gained a lot of people’s respect in the underground scene in Dallas and all over the world. The way he was able to have catchy bars that make you want to sing along to his songs was mind blowing to when he was 14 dropping stuff like “Sly Cooper” or like today he is 17 killing singles like “MegaMan” & “The Race”.

I considered TAY-K a friend and it’s sad what happened to him but there’s no doubt the support system he has from many of his close friends and fans of his music will keep going on #FREETAYK