Drawing Outside The Lines: DryDurags

Written + Interviewed by Greg Harris

As the days move forward, so the cultivation of many creators across the world. In our first installments of Drawing Outside The Lines with Chicago artist ArtbyJeremy and Florida artist Ethan Ryan Punal, we seen how abstract vibes can generate a number of likes and retweets. Due to their creativity, their popularity has reached the masses and it's much the same for our DOTL feature, Dry Durags. 

Coming from Miami, Durags has played an instrumental part of the Soundcloud art game and has landed pieces for the likes of Pollari, Rolling Loud, Wifisfuneral, Larry League, and more. Due to his impressive resume, we were interested in the ins and outs of his work. We recently had a chance to talk to him about his upbringing, how came up the concept of DryDurags, living in Florida, and more.

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 How’s Your Modern Life?

 My life is pretty simple, and I'll am worrying about is bossing it up.

 What are three things you have to do when you first wake up? 

 I wake up obviously brush my teeth and shower, but I thank god for Another day, and I drink a water of bottle right before I eat my breakfast, it keeps my metabolism moving fast 

 Do you remember the moment when you first fell in love with art? 

 This is something I've been meaning to break apart, I like art and all, but that's not where I see I see myself. I want to design clothing, and be a menswear designer, always using my drydurags character. 

 What inspired you to become the graphic artist you are today? 

Honestly, I would just draw for fun and keep it to myself, but my bro, Geo, which he up next rapper in my eyes, told me to try some cover art for his song whoa. I suggest y'all fuck with him, but yeah then after that it just took flight. Shoutout to Dylan, he put me in contact with ski, for the drown in designer cover!

 What is the idea behind your infamous DryDurags character you create on most of your designs? 

Okay well this is odd but me and my boy Kenneth, use to be in class drawing people and roasting they ass, and then one day I started drawing bums, and then I wanted to make a cartoonish type character and that's where the one tooth came from. Besides that I've had influences such as kaws, and just having a character is so ill for me. 

 What advantages and disadvantages you feel like you have being from Miami? 

The advantages I got from Miami, is that at the moment it's becoming a big scene, due to all the new rappers coming out like x, ski, purpp, Kodak, and all of em and shit, so it puts more spotlight in Miami. I don't really think there's any disadvantages, because besides whatever happening, I'm focused on getting the big guap! 

 What separates you from other designers when it comes to you being from Miami? 

 I feel like I have my own style to it when it comes to graphics, but I've been peeping so many trying to take my style haha. I don't mind, that makes me feel good but um yeah what separates me a lot is that I always try to step outside the box, and not be to direct with things. 

 Miami is becoming a haven for many creatives and artists, how does the city influence you and your work? 

 Like I said earlier it is becoming more of a creative place and that's a good thing, but i don't really think I'm much influenced by anything down here haha 

 You’ve worked with the likes of Rolling Loud, Chief Keef, XXXtentacion, Wifisfuneral, Brent Rambo, and more. What’s your favorite piece you’ve done? 

 My favorite has to be that drown in designer for ski mask the slump god, I feel like that got me so much face, and I appreciate ski for giving me that opportunity. 

In this age where art is distorted or misrepresented, how do you feel like you’ll be making a difference with your artwork? 

Not really artwork cus like I said I wanna work more on designing clothes, but I'm sure everyone's gonna see all the crazy shit I'm lowkey working on. I'm trying to influence DryDurags in clothes in ways, you wouldn't think is possible 

What are your goals for 2017? 

My goals are to get more known, so I can be releasing more shit. I like it when people show love and shit. I actually wanna have a pop up shop in tokyo or London. That's a big goal for me.

 How do you want to be remembered?

Haha, I wanna be remembered as a genius. I want dry durags to become iconic. I want him to be like the next Mickey Mouse type shit lol. But yeah it's 2 different things my brand is just Durags, which I want it to be a legendary brand even after I die.

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