Young, Reckless and Up Next: Get Familiar with Comethazine 


 Written by Greg Harris 

The broad stream of artists that are bursting onto the internet has made it harder for individual artists to break in the fashion where they can make huge strides. You have seen high bursts with artists such as Lil Pump, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and more, it’s already a new wave of individuals who are following right into their footsteps of gaining the cyber success their getting from streams and on the pursuit of becoming a household name. 

One of the most intriguing has to be Alamo Records newest signee, Comethazine. An artist who’s from St. Louis’ border by Illinois has taken the route of using an approach that slightly reminds you of Carti’s rhyme scheme but the imagery of his lyrics are reflective more on the rebellious side.

His bars cross between toting straps, warning females not to mess up his Gucci seats, and preaching on his infatuation of Jaguar vehicles. His image is as brash as Ludacris, DMX’s attitude, and modernized flow that can recuperate with this age of listeners. 

After making a over a million streams on his Soundcloud with a streak of singles and dropping a couple of noteworthy videos like “Might Cop a Jagg” and “Dweeb”, it’s quite easy to say that Comethazine is on the verge of becoming a stronghold in the game with his consistency of releasing a differentiated sound that can drive numbers of views/streams at a fast pace. The newest addition to the Alamo Records roster is a threat to be reckoned with and it’s only a matter of time until he breaks the barrier. 

Check out more of his material below.