The Rundown : Young Jasper

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 Written by Greg Harris 

As we took a break from some material to realign our focus, Modern Life Mag is back to bring some more flavor on "The Rundown".  The artists breaking interview series has brought light to the likes of BigBabyScumbag, Lil Coupe, Say Kuro, Lonny X, and more. As we continue to unleash our palette, we have come across a new batch of talent who are making waves as well. 

One of these artists who is coming into their own is Chicago's rising star, Young Jasper. Coming off the helms of the likes of Lucki, Warhol SS, and Famous Dex, Jasper brings much of the youth-filled energy that Dex derives from but has the sinister type of vibe that's found in Lucki's instrumentation. The unique blend of the styles sets him apart from the Soundcloud machine that's producing new artists by the day. 

We recently had a chance to speak to him about his upbringing in the midwest, riding his own wave, being a difference opposed to other artists coming up, and more. 

Read it below. 

How's Your Modern Life? 

Modern life is great, seeing new shit, meeting new people, smoking new weed, handling business.

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up? 

Three things I gotta do when I wake up is shit go read my daily laws, roll up some thraxx, and then blast rock while watching skate videos n shit, that shit get me hype.

Coming up in the Midwest, how was your upbringing?

Coming up in the midwest a lil different, especially in Chicago we definitely got our own world here. It got its ups & downs but growing up in the streets & being exposed to the outer-world I just came out a lil different I was that motherfucka' to go skate & shit with a completely different crowd in completely different areas then come home to the hood & go to school the next day with a bunch of niggas on that gang shit.

Living in Chicago, how can you describe to the rest of the country as far as places you've visited ? 

I've been to pretty much every place that matters in the US, & Chicago definitely got its own vibe you just gotta know the right people & can't be in the wrong areas. Its a really beautiful city and got a skyline like no other. BUT nigga I don't like living here! I'm ready to abort this muhfucka and get some guap!

When it comes to the sound of Chicago, it's quite versatile to say the least. What artists from the area has played a big role into your sound? 

Other artists in the Chicago area such as Sosa played a big part, of course, I can say Lucki, Warhol, & chance influenced me as far as energy. They really have Chicago T'd and I pay attention to how everybody fuck with they shit so hard I try to put as much as energy into my own shit.

With a series always coming out of the city, how does it feel to be apart the always brewing hip hop scene in the Windy City?

It's definitely cool to be coming up in the next heat of Chicago, I definitely never seen myself to be actually doing any of this shit when I was younger but I definitely know that I should be doing this shit so its thraxx season I'm giving all thraxx out no bullshit.

Aside from your strong string of loose singles, what can we expect from you on your upcoming project? 

My project "2018, "I'm gonna give y'all my foundation. This is what I'm gonna be known for & I'm gonna set the tone for a whole new wave of kids just like me and give everyone my sinister sauce that I been waiting to spill on everyone. I wanna give everyone a new favorite artist to listen to, the world needs new young niggas and it will happen.

What do you want to accomplish with this release? 

 After this release, I really just wanna reach as many people as I can so we can finally get this new action popping. LOOK OUT for videos! I promise to give some of the craziest visuals that these young niggas ain't coming up with nowadays. We really out here creating. We really just wanna turn up as many shows as possible and take it up from there. 

"I'm gonna set the tone for a whole new wave of kids just like me and give everyone my sinister sauce that I been waiting to spill on everyone. I wanna give everyone a new favorite artist to listen to, the world needs new young niggas and it will happen."

In an age where budding artists are making their own on SoundCloud, how do you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack? 

 I separate myself with the rest of the pack because I use my brain a bit more. I'm a real Vlone thug & real Vlone thugs are strategic with style. Plus I know the hardest working people.

How do you want to evolve as an artist? 

As an artist, i just wanna be in the highest position I possibly could be in. I want to be where Wiz Khalifa is now. I want my music to be an international thing.

What are three goals you want to accomplish in 2018? 

2018 I want everyone in Chicago to listen to me as faithfully as they listen to any other big artist from Chicago. I want to do a bunch of big features & I just want to stay consistent in what I'm doing now.

At the end of the day, how do you want to be remembered? 

 At the end of the day, I want to be known as Young Jasper aka Unothrash that nigga that's always thraxd up looking pretty n shit Vlone tatted on me for a reason!

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