The Rundown: LouGotCash

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Written by Greg Harris 

The emergence of new artists is coming faster than ever in this age of time. With the likes of Lil Pump reaching the top 40 in Billboard’s Top 100, Smokepurpp toping Spotify’s streaming charts, and Cardi B becoming a household name, it’s safe to say it’s a new era of the genre that’s making it’s way to the forefront. Apart of that process of breaking these individuals, The Rundown has become a one-stop shop for new and returning readers of Modern Life Mag to get familiarized with talent that’s climbing up the ranks of the internet and beyond. 

Bouncing around the map and getting in tune with different sounds from everywhere, we revisit the birthplace of hip-hop to get indulged in the work of Queens-bred artist LouGotCash. After releasing his singles, “Make 10” and “Pipe Down”, Cash has become apart of a class of New York rappers that includes A Boogie, Don Q, Cardi B, Casanova and more who are looking to break the barriers beyond the Tri-State area. The Gwinin Entertainment/Republic Records artist has made some big splashes into the game but looks to leave a lasting impact with his debut project, “Louniversal”. 

We recently had a chat with the buzzing NY artist about his upbringing, the responsibility of carrying Queens legacy in rap, what’s in store for him the rest of this year, and more.

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What are three things you have to do when you wake up in the morning? 

I usually brush my teeth, check my phone, and then eat. 

Coming up in New York City, how was your upbringing? 

It was kind of rough growing up in the hood.  Running around with the wrong crowd and  I was getting in trouble in school. My mom made me move to Georgia when I was 13 to keep out of the streets.

What artists have played a pivotal role when it came to crafting your sound? 

Definitely Lil Wayne and Future, they throw the sauce on every track.  They’re my main influences.

What responsibility do you think you have as a creative to carry the legacy of 50 Cent, Nas, Run DMC, Mobb Deep, and more who all sprouted from the Queens music scene? 

It’s a huge responsibility and A LOT of pressure but I maintain by not focusing on other people’s opinions on how they want me to do things and I block it out by just doing things my own way.

How does it feel to be apart of the new emerging New York City sound?

It’s honestly a blessing and it’s incredible watching what New York music is becoming again.

In preparation for working on your project, what has been some obstacles for you creating the best music possible? 

Really not trying to make other songs that sound like recent work I’ve done or other people’s music. 

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"I want to be a legend that changed lives!"

In this process of getting new material, you have worked alongside the credited DJ Self. How has it been working with him and what have been some things he's taught you? 

It’s been great working with him. He has taught me how to network with people in the industry and to always act in a business manner.

What are some things that we can look forward to from you? 

My debut mixtape “Louniversal” dropping at the end of 2017.

What are three things you want to accomplish before the year is over? 

Make sure my little sister has the best Christmas
Drop my new video to “Make 10”
“Make 10” to go platinum

When it's all said and done, how do you want to be remembered? 

I want to be a legend that changed lives!

Follow Lou here and here, and listen to his new material below.