New Age Designer: A Conversation with BigBabyGucci

Written by Norrin Nicholas / Photos by Itsfine_Wav



    This year alone we’ve seen the rise of many talented individuals when it comes to music, fashion, art, etc. Music saw the most increase in this as we can see from how many talented young rappers are filling our phones up nowadays. The youth are sending a message that there’s very slept on talent in this world today and that many of us need to find out. From North Carolina, meet BigBabyGucci. Only just taking his music seriously this year with his first project release The GRiMM Adventures of BIGBABYGUCCI, featuring insane production by GRiMM Doza, BigBabyGucci has taken over Soundcloud likes and iPhone space with his new music.

He’s not your average worker, as of recently, he has announced his 4th project release of this year with The GRiMM Adventures of BigBabyGucci 2 fusion dancing over GRiMM Doza’s production once again. Even with this announcement, BigBabyGucci has still kept fans on the edge of their seats with new singles all the time either by himself or with members of his record label, "1500 Records." All in all, BigBabyGucci is a very talented hard worker and I got the chance to speak with him to get a better understanding of who he is.

What's up BigBaby? How's life?

Nothing much working on my next tape. Life is okay I'm alive, so I can't complain.

How's the new tape coming along?
It's going well I should have the first single off of it dropping soon. The tape is hosted by @GoldenValley818 and we'll have merch and limited edition BigBaby bookie edibles for sale.

So what was the inspiration behind the Grimm Adventures of BigBabyGucci 1?
It was really random to be honest, I was smoking and it came to me out of nowhere. Me and GRIMMs name fit so well and I'm a big cartoon/anime fan that's basically all I watch since I can remember. The Grimm adventures of Billy and Mandy was one of my favorite shows growing up.


How did you and GRiMM first meet?
One of my first songs I made called "I need that work" was getting attention on Soundcloud and Lonny X found me. This was like in February, Lonny put Grimm on my song and he liked it. He hit me and he sent me the beat for "Gimmie" and we been like brothers ever since.

The chemistry you two have together is crazy and you can hear it on the first project, is there anything different we should be expecting from part 2?
Thanks, I feel like I make my most defining music with him and just expect it to be a great sequel is all I can say.

"I really wanna get to a million plays my first year of rapping. I'm almost at half a mill."

Do you have any influences as far music goes?
Umm Key!, Tyler The Creator, and Kid Cudi are basically my musical inspirations. I have a lot of favorites but when it comes to my craft I don't have much outside influences.

How did you get connected with Unathletic?
I met him through Lil Coupe, he was his main producer. 

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?
I really wanna get to a million plays my first year of rapping, I'm almost at half a mill.

Anything to say for the fans?
I love you guys so much, your gonna be so proud of me a year from now.

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