Lurking in the Garden of Woods: Getting to know Tim Woods

If you’ve been watching what’s been going on in the Houston music scene for the past few years, you would be somewhat familiar with Tim Woods but at the same time it would serve as a blur because his work wasn’t as established until now. Woods has splashed onto the scene with hits such as “H20” and “Bak N Town” that has garnered the support from OG Ron C, Houston Press, and more outlets that see Woods’ vision. With a lot under raps and it’s a huge process for preparation, Woods gave us the opportunity to talk to him about his transition into stardom in Space City and beyond. In this interview he talks his artistry, his growth as a person and artist, his upbringing, and more. If you weren’t as thorough with Woods and career, this interview will be a good blueprint to get to know him. 

Listen Here.