The Rundown: Lil Coupe

Written by Norrin Nicholas

1500 Records has been on a rise recently. With their immense roster, filled with nothing but other producers, artists, and rappers, it only makes sense that with all the work they’ve been doing independently and collectively is being noticed now towards the end of the year. One rapper from the collective, Lil Coupe, has been exceeding his expectations while still improvising his craft to match his hunger for success. After dropping two projects earlier this year “PHARMACY®” & “1500 MPH” Coupe has brought the attention to himself and his label. I got the chance to speak with Coupe and discuss his identity, music, and future which you can read below.

Who are you?

My names Lil Coupe. I live in Texas and I’m part of 1500 Records, a collective with producers rappers and artists.

How long have you been rapping?

I used to just freestyle with the homies and play around in the studio. I took it seriously probably a year ago, I was just trying to switch some shit up wit my life.

What influenced you to take your music seriously at that time?

I got kicked out of college, I was going to jail, and always trying to find ways to make money. The rap shit seemed easy so I took that route.

How much has rapping changed your life since you started? any positive or negative effects?

It didn’t changed my life a lot cause I’m still where I’m at, that’s the negative side. A lot of people been supporting my music thats what been keeping me going and staying positive the people rocking with me.

Do you have any idols or influences as far as music goes?

Gucci Mane & Master P are my idols. I grew up listening to a lot of them with my brother. I rock with Kid Cudi too.

How would you describe your sound if you could?

I really don’t know how to describe my music yet. I just try to make good vibes on fye beats.

How did you get involved with 1500Records?

One day BIGBABYGUCCI hit me up and asked if I wanted to be apart of 1500 records. I was fucking with his movement and I ran with bro after that we started dropping hits.

"Appreciate the ones who been rocking with me. My sh*t wouldn’t be where it is with out y’all"

You and BigBaby have good chemistry together when it comes to collabs what's the secret?

We just go off vibes, getting on beats that we know will mesh good with both of our styles.

Have you noticed your progression from when you first started making music up until now?

Yea bro I noticed a lot, I used to get 50 60 plays on shit now I’m getting thousands and I find more people who fuck with me everyday a nigga thankful fasho.

Where do you see yourself in these next couple of years?

Hopefully somewhere with some money in my pockets waking up not worried bout anything...but right now I’ma just live day by day tryna get it how I can keep making music and maybe this rap shit will take off.

Anything you want to say to the fans that'll read this?

Appreciate the ones who been rocking with me. My shit wouldn’t be where it is with out y’all.

Follow Lil Coupe here and here // Listen to his latest project, 1500 MPH below