Modern Life Mag BCB Stay Tuned List for 2016

Modern Life Mag has always been a brand and publication who always looked forward to the future and putting our readers on game about certain individuals who will be the trendsetters of tomorrow. Houston has homegrown talent in various areas that has caught the attention of many. From music to fashion to directing videos, it's a lot of people who are on this list that we know will have their wave in 2016 and we want to be the first to let you know. 

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Foe G4NG


Hailing from Missouri City, we have FOE G4NG. The young and rambunctious group uses it’s Texas signature slang and delivery to push the bar with their run off the mill bars. Their energy is matched to Crown Clique, but they carry a different aura with their music. The 4 members (Tay Money, Dee Byrd, Nick Gee, and Jay Lee) uses the vintage Houston flow with hilarious bars about beating up people in Whataburger, swaying fly girls to rock with the G4NG, and how they put on for Mo City. They’re in the stages where they are fine tuning their sound but I wouldn’t be surprised if they rise to being one of the premier acts in Houston’s underground scene in 2016. Just remember we were one of the first to say it. 


House of the Naked


When it comes to creative collectives and thinking outside of the box, House of the Naked is a primary group that comes to mind. In a way, they are kind of like Houston’s Awful Records but not nearly as weird ( I couldn’t imagine a SlugChrist or BootyMath making these soulful chopped and screwed songs). House of Naked flipped the element of turning some of your parents favorite late night jams into modernized slowed down gems. They have monopolized the way you can use R. Kelly and Pimp C in the same song, which is absolutely beautiful. HON has also found their niche with selling clothes that fuses 3rd Coast influences and vintage Oprah Winfrey images on T-Shirts. Their off the wall mindset with music, clothes, and whatever endeavor their into just will keep more Houstonians eyes peeled in 2016. 

Visit their site here and Soundcloud here

King Hendricks


King is one of the most experienced and seasoned people on the list. Due to the transitional phase King had to go under, most were unfamiliar until he unleashed city-wide hit, “Boss In My City” featuring Beatking and Sauce Walka. Hendricks straight forward delivery is heart-felt and you can see how much effort he puts into his lines with the cinematic presence found in them. His loose string of singles caught enough of attention that the city will respect will him and it’s only a matter of time that he will be a time bomb this year. 


Genesis Iver 


In the slew of various artists that come out of Houston, Genesis Iver sets himself apart with his pure individuality and passion for spreading his message. The multi-talented rapper/singer is finally blossoming into the star that MLM saw him as and in 2016 he will be in rare form. His range in sound makes him a threat and his consistency will make into a house-hold name for those in the city. Expect the unexpected from Mr. Iver because you never know how impactful this guy will be for the city. So we advise you to stay tuned. 




When it comes to DJs in Houston, it’s a lot of tastemakers that cater to a similar sound but Cre8shun has turned into a force of her own and it’s only right for the rest of Houston to keep an eye on her for 2016. The ex-basketball star turned into a sweetheart behind the turntables delivering sounds that range from neo-soul jams to modern remixes of Bryson Tiller. The lady behind the vibes will be one of the key tastemakers on the wheel of steels and don’t be surprised if she plays a vital piece to Houston culture in 2016. 




When it comes to young creative individuals who are providing great energy, EasieCam is one who’s growing not only a designer in the city but as a model as well. Not even at the age of 18, Cam has the Houston youth at a threshold that only a few other creatives around his age can have in the city. Knowing he has not reach his peak yet, Cam is going to be one of those individuals that hear and see a lot in the Houston cultural scene. Don’t be surprised if he’s behind some of your favorite things that will release in 2016. 


Oaks (Oaks Clothing) 


Speaking of people who are running their own brands and doing it at a young age, Oaks is among one of the front runners of maximizing what he believes in. Not even old enough to buy a lottery ticket, Oaks has reached out to the likes of The Sauce Factory, Kirko Bangz, Waka Flocka, and more to rock his brand. The brand is in it’s primitive stages but expect to see a large amount of growth with it in 2016. 


FreeSoul Society 


Staying true to the streets of Houston and redefining the cycle of fashion in the city, Free Soul Society is using it’s grassroots hustle to it’s advantage to portray a different message in the city. Free Soul Society has put together fresh pieces here and there, but a full collection of threads would ensue in 2016. Their crisp delivery with their clothes will only turn heads in 2016 and we advise you to stay tuned. 


Bird Medina 


After making his big splash with directing Playboi Carti’s “Fetti” video featuring Maxo Kream and Da$h, Bird Medina has established himself as one of the main guys behind the camera in Houston. His theatrical presence found in his videos has brought the concept he’s delivered to new light. The Tarantino influenced director has major plans for 2016 and beyond with music videos. So get your popcorn ready and catch a seat for what the Southwest based director has in store for this year. 




WesBeBlanco is another veteran on the list but he has came into full form in the latter parts of 2015. His sting of singles such as "Peep Game” and "Johnny Cash” familiarized listeners with his sound of spitting off the leash bars that will make your head spin. His project, “Grease Is The Word” showcased his efforts in delivering different sounds and keeping consistent with his flow even when speaking on topics on drunken nights, relationships with women, and his iconic Southwest stories. WesBeBlanco is going to be the X-Factor for the Houston underground scene in 2016 and we advise you to pay attention closely. 


Dylan Cohl 

For those who are unfamiliar with Dylan Cohl, the new sheriff of Houston presented himself well with his debut effort, “Cowboy Jones” showed the city of syrup a different perspective that used it’s vintage origins. The Port Arthur/Houston artist and producer took advantage of his 3rd Coast influences and used in a different format that fully exemplifies trill integrity in it’s finest way possible. The ten-track showed a bright star in Houston and he’s definitely going to be one personality you will have to pay attention to in 2016. 


Tim Woods 


Speaking of people that bring individuality to the table, Tim Woods has been one artists who’s been grinding for quiet sometime and his vision as the new “Sunflower God” came to life when he released his visual, “H20”. The video is one of the best visuals to come out of Houston this year and it will only lead us to see what’s up with Woods in 2016. It’s only right for us to pay attention to what he has in store.