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BSO Social Club curates good vibes during Astroworld Weekend with their event, "Stargazing"

When it comes to the live event scene in Texas, most of the shows involve concerts or festivals but some of these experiences are not necessarily the most pleasing when it comes to creating a complete cool environment for everyone to enjoy. Some folks are not fans of the famous mosh pits or the sweat-fueled festivities that come along with concerts, but some curators are moving in a different direction where they are blending the elements of the club/lounges with an artistic flair that is catering to multiple fans at one time.

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What's Cultivating In California? // ComplexCon '18 x Modern Life Mag Day 2 Recap

Around this time of the year, some are getting ready for the holidays, others are coming back from school, and others are still in their bag to get presents to put under the tree. In Modern Life’s case, it was another golden opportunity to showcase the madness that is ComplexCon. The annual expo showcases different artists, brands, keynote speakers, installations, and more during the two-day span that has the city of Long Beach, California on the edge of their seats to see what’s going to cultivate the culture for months to come.

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