Modern West Coast Hoodlum: How Seattle Has a Star with Ghoulavelii

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Written by Greg Harris

The West Coast is known as the place that’s filled with beaches, chance to reach the stars of Hollywood, and more than likely indulge into the infinite forms of cannabis that grow within it’s boundaries. As California remains the dominant area that conquers the west, it’s a few of interesting things growing in the crops of the Northwest Region of the country.

Oddly enough, Seattle has remained a historical landmark for the infrastructure of West Coast music. Growing in an area where the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and others have reigned supreme, Seattle always gave the world their essential flavor of what represents them. In the modern age of music, the sounds of urban music have claimed the pop spotlight and specifically in this genre, you have one of the city’s brightest stars putting on for the city with a different wave.

Ghoulavelii, a smooth talker yet vicious rhythmic wordsmith is certainly positioning himself to be one of the crafters for this new emerging rebellious sound that’s breaking this year. With the likes of Smokepurpp, and Comethazine, they have garnered a new lane for young rappers to be sly individuals but still pivot in their own direction, straying from the norms of more “pop” oriented rappers in their age range (essentially making the difference between the high demand popular records that crossover like Lil Skies and Lil Xan’s recent efforts and Comethazine’s long string of off-kilter records).

That being said, Ghoul has separated himself from the pack of rappers that are breaking now with having a versatile range of songs that doesn’t duplicate one another. Along with this, Ghoul presents a “player” essence to his material, an effortless cool that’s quite hard to find in the extraness of hip-hop. Where he’s not one of the face-tatted or purple haired young kids who are rapping today, he’s definitely an act from a diverse area who’s bringing a fresh perspective on what it means to be a young and budding artist in today’s time.

Listen to some of his material below. 

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