T.$poon sets a playeristic tone with his project, "Big Spoon"

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Written by Greg Harris 

The West Coast music scene continues to grow with LA being a hub of artists such as Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, and Drakeo the Ruler. On the other hand, Portland isn't lacking with content with artists such as Cassow, Amine, and TYuS. Another great artist that you have to place in the mix is T.$poon, a veteran of the Portland scene and has paved a way for his sound with having mack like bars and laid back mannerisms. He continues this trend with his latest project, "Big Spoon", which is a partnered release with budding distribution label, EMPIRE. The 6 track EP is a perfect smooth introduction to his sound and what he has to offer in 2018. 

Listen here.

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