The Tribe - Fuck 4th Quarter 

Written by Greg Harris

 The bumbling bowl of music gumbo that’s erupting in the Houston scene is creating new waves for new artists, and it’s great to see artists such as The Tribe generating a following on the North Side with their debut project,  "SuperBag".  They continue to push out more records with their singles, "Menace II Society" and "Couple Bandz", both songs shows how they're rising in the city with a lyrical vicisous flow and modern playerisitic ways of approaching songs that they release. In their latest visual, #Fuck4thQuarter, The Tribe provides a cutting-edge run on bars and the Brandon Cortes directed video allows them to depict Cash Fendi and Se7en in a light as two of Houston's brightest artists to make their way on the city's music scene. It's a great introduction for their sound if you're not familiar with them. 

Watch the visual here.