BigBodyFiji pours out a stream of Ism on his project, Messico 


Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating: 3.7 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

We gave you some insight on Chicago’s hip hop scene with the likes of Chicago Sleepers presenting new artists on their platform and one of the primary acts who’s made a difference is BigBodyFiji. The Windy City native has been offering mack like vibes and the ism continues to pour out in his latest project, “Messico”. The 5 track EP gives off the aura of Old Bad Boy with his record, “Bad Boy ’97” to pouring out lyrical liquor with his ode to his friends on “A.M.N.”. The short list of tracks display versatility but it's definitely a niche sound that he caters towards. It’s a modernized version of GLC’s lingo but Fiji is still himself in this project and that’s what matters the most. Chicago has a bright future and Fiji is definitely included in it. 

Listen to it here.