Tee Grizzley rips through the industry with his project, "My Moment"

Written by Dulce Mercado

Tee Grizzley brought Detroit to the map with his newest mixtape titled “My Moment.” After his single “First Day Out” went viral, (featured in the mixtape), 300 Entertainment signed him on to a record deal. With 300 on his back, this mixtape is about to blow, and it should.

Grizzley starts the project off with singing acapella to “My Moment” then transitions to his popular single First Day Out — which already has over a million plays on SoundCloud. From there “Real Niggas” comes next and as you play the mixtape track by track you hear the energy rise to ultimate highs but balances with toned down slower songs such as “How Many” and “Seconds.” He does a solid job at being leveled with his beats as his flows match the same energy and level.

One thing Tee doesn’t hide at all is being from the streets, and he likes to show it off. He talks about getting things done without any effort, tripling his bread — “think I’m making Big Mac’s, I let that bread triple,” being over unnecessary stresses and the tragedies that happen in his life.

The message in this mixtape is about being fearless, loyal, growing and grinding. Grizzley claims that he truly lives the things he talks about in his raps and questions how many others can “say that?”

You get a very bouncy sound in this mixtape, all the tracks have a certain vibe to them. There are a lot of sonic and jingly beats with a perfect medium. He has down to the ground lyrics that project this tough rough road, but also has more sensitive lyrics that show his growth as a person due to his past circumstances. This is a very grounding project.

His most powerful song in My Moment is “Day Ones,” giving a message about Trayvon Martin. He talks about not wanting to go out like Trayvon did. As we all know, Trayvon Martin was a 17- year-old African American who got his life taken away by a neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman, who fatally shot him. Grizzley mentions an incident of someone he knew by the name of Mario who’s life was tragically taken away just two days before his birthday, and that is why he keeps a small circle. He also mentions how he wants to make sure his boys are “book straight” due to the fact that they are only taught what those teaching want them to know. This is a tribute song to his fallen angels, day ones, and hoping for a better future and security for all.

"The message in this mixtape is about being fearless, loyal, growing and grinding. Grizzley claims that he truly lives the things he talks about in his raps and questions how many others can say that?"

As a little ice breaker, there’s a quite humorous track titled “Side Nigga” where Grizzley encourages women not to leave their man and simply get a boo on the side. It also have this little trapped out Controlla beat to it, so you know all the ladies are gonna be jamming this song every time their man upsets them. He talks about knowing what she needs, which is a side dude, but says not to leave her man because every relationship has its issues. “No baby, y’all got too much history. I ain’t tripping, stay with him and when you want this d*ck come get it.” Guess its just that simple, huh? According to Grizzley, whenever your man is acting up just call up your side one and all is good!

On his outro “Testimony” Grizzley takes his faults for what he’s done and sees the bigger picture of life. He appreciates the one who never turned their back on him and kept him from “going corrupt.” He thanks this person for taking his worries away and being there as his support system who put him on the right track. He praises this person and ends the song by saying if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t have his life today.

Nonetheless, this is definitely a street mixtape. Tee Grizzley gives a shout out to all his homies locked up, his riders, wishing to save his people and simply just being about his business. The sound is exceptional and his raps are all factual representations of what he’s gone through.

Its an A+ in my book.
Personal Favorites: Country, Side Nigga, Secrets, Day Ones, Testimony