Nicotine’s Famous Honey - An Open Letter

Written by Gregory Harris

Being a writer in the music industry, it’s marvelous to see the progression of artists and seeing the manifesto of their art form blossom, and these aspects spread onto the palette of Nicotine’s newest release “An Open Letter”. The Houston by way of New York singer/poet shares a deep, refreshing art piece that sheds light on self-worth, transitions in life, and ultimately finding a purpose and executing on that. The sweet collaboration between Nicotine and Herrick Hooley blend smooth modern jazz tones laying down the foundation for the mystic words that were recorded. This tale of redemption is delivered in a way where it shows raw emotion and it takes listeners to a place where they can acknowledge the spiral of vibes that’s presented and appreciate the sweet southern soul that derives from each person who contributed to this beautiful project. 

Listen Here.