Coming from Chelsea Elliott: Get Familiar with Frank Castle

Written by Gregory Harris

The “New” New York has broken their mold and showed the city what it has to offer with the likes of A Boogie, Don Q, FourFive & Jay Savior, AftertheParty, and another name to add that list is Frank Castle. Kicking fresh rational lyrics from the Chelsea Elliott section of New York City, Castle presents a flow that reminiscent of Hip Hop’s “Golden Age” and does it with a strong sense of Puerto Rican pride. At the tender age of 27, Castle pushes the boundaries with rhymes and stretches the situation with his slick wordplay that has caught the attention of Peter Rosenberg and Hot 97. Castle just released his project, “B.U.T.T.E.R.”, but  you can also enjoy some of his material below. 

Watch and Listen Here.