Dylan Cohl keeps things minimalistic in his new single, “Don’t Need It”

In the midst of completing his next project, “Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days In The East”, Dylan Cohl has matured as an artist and made it known in songs such as “Flowers” featuring Susan Carol and his latest release, “Don’t Need It”. The second leak from the full-length project shows off Cohl’s charismatic attitude and his urge to reach the top of the hill but doesn’t need the added amenities that other rappers speak of to arrive at that pivotal point. This song is a personal reflection on Cohl’s artistry and how he separates himself from the pack. While Cowboy Jones 1.5 is still in the works, this loosie will listeners over for what’s to come with the upcoming cinematic presentation Cohl is about to present later this year. 

Listen Here.