Two Feet - First Steps EP

After gaining an entirely organic following after uploading "Go Fuck Yourself" on SoundCloud a few months back, Bill Dess (aka Two Feet) has been picked up by certified tastemaker Majestic Casual, and today releases his debut EP via their label.

Two Feet fuses rhythm and blues guitars with modern dance music techniques, developing a unique framework and voice within the vast world of bedroom producers. The intriguing mix creates an element for listeners to experience various sounds and dives deep into the artistry of Two Feet. This being one of Majestic Causal's first releases, they have struck gold with establishing the foundation for other artists on their roster to follow in the footsteps of Two Feet and how he's changing the industry at one string at a time. 

If you're interested in some new jams to listen to during the summer, we recommend this as a top pick for this month. 

Listen here.