WhyJae - 30 Minutes Later Fuck The Internet

We recently did an in-depth interview with one of Houston's most promising acts, WhyJae last month speaking on his ascend in the Houston underground, his vision, and his project, "30 Minutes Later Fuck The Internet". The moment is finally here and WhyJae to stood by his words when he said, "I'ma give them what they want while still doing things the way I like to do it." The versatility found in this project is phenomenal and it has a concrete meaning when it comes to humanity and it's ties to the internet. This story is pushed to the forefront with it's skits, while Jae's backstory of coming up, receiving praise in the city now, starving himself, and more ride the waves he provides from producers such as Sly Drexler, Kswisha, Pe$o Piddy, and more.  

This project is also an eye-opener to not only Houstonians what people from the city are capable of doing, but it just solidified WhyJae as one of the heavyweights among some of the newcomers in Space City. The internet may be lagging in his title, but WhyJae is moving at a light speed and it's must for us to keep up with what he has next. 

Listen here.