Tim Woods - Pushing Daises

Written by Gregory Harris

After months of pushing the edge of the Houston sound, and producing a flavor that was once foreign to the ears of many Houstonians, the self-proclaimed flower child Tim Woods releases his well-anticipated project, “Pushing Daises”. Taking much and seeing the effort that has been pushed to make this release as crystal clear, Woods bob and weave through many particles that construct a beautiful masterpiece from the 3rd Coast. Seeing artists such as WhyJae, Tedy Andreas, Wes Blanco, Rocky Banks and more ascending in the Houston area is another staple artist who’s shaping the city’s new age sound. The project feature the likes of Lita Styles, George Young, Rizzoo Rizzoo, and more. If you’re not familiar with Woods work, this is the perfect introduction that one can thoroughly listen to and enjoy. 

Listen here.