Scrap Bundy x OTM Lou - Thouwow

Written by Greg Harris

The success of Scrap Bundy’s latest project, “BundyDidThat” has shown that Bundy is one of the most promising acts to make their stamp in the Houston. The creative collaboration between Bundy and BeldonDidThat have sparked a new cohesion method between producer and rapper, and ultimately made their sound one of the unique to come out of the city this year. One of the most notable records from the project is the finale, “ThouWow”. This single features Off The Muscle member, OTM Lou going back and forth with Scrap over a velvet sonic that Beldon freshly bakes. The visual presentation premiered on Say Cheese shows the OTM team flexing the strong way and gives off the impression they’re one of the sharpest collectives to represent the H the right way. 

Watch Here.