Let the Engine Run: Review of WhyJae's "Lil Rari EP"

Written by Dulce Mercado

Just yesterday, WhyJae delivers his highly anticipated EP “Lil Rarri” as a treat for you to trick to for the night.

If you are unfamiliar with WhyJae he is an uprising emcee from Houston, Texas who has been glorified these past two years. He has created a huge fan base known as “LIFERS” that go back to when he released “Timeless,” but has had a persistent group of fans that started FLS (fantasy lifestyle) way before Timeless. As his growth of an artist has leaped he now has a new nickname that he goes by which is “Lil Rarri.” Which is why this EP is titled just that.

It is the start of a new chapter of his craft. This project is the definition of WhyJae’s transition to Lil Rarri. Obviously he reached his past goals and is moving on up to bigger and greater things.

One of his most popular tracks “Dion Waiters” is included in this EP with 21.5k plays on SoundCloud, so you know this EP is straight fire.


The sound for Lil Rarri is heavy on the production of Tay Slay and Turnt Rie taking on half of the tracks on the EP, which was the perfect way to kick off the EP. Other producers who took part in this project are Sage, The Brain and Skinny Mooxe. All but two tracks are singles; Lil Skrt teamed up with him on “ Benji Bands is featured on “No Competition.” Starting with a very spacey and futuristic beat on “Glo” Mr. Rarri hops on the beat and emphasizes the necessity to “glo” to provide for his family. This mystical vibe flows through the entire EP, the mood and setting are perfectly set. As he continues to rapidly flow on the beats he talks about 30s with extensions, his new broadcasted shine and of course making money and not settling for anything small.


WhyJae praises his family and friends and makes it very evident in this EP. He mentions them in the majority of the EP. Everything he does is to get money, “get the come up” and stunt with his day ones. He has a clear vision and he’s on the way to get everything that belongs to him. But unlike how most artists get selfish when they get clout, Lil Rarri is not one of those. He always preaches about doing things for the greater good of his family and for his friends — “everything I ever did I did it for the set.”

Take a listen to the EP down below and enjoy this Halloween with a dope ass new playlist


1.     Lil Rarri

2.     Glo (Prod. by TaySlay)

3.     New 30 (Prod. by Turnt Rie)

4.     None 4 u (Prod. by Sage)

5.     DION WAITERS - LIL SKRT X LIL RARRI (Prod. by Tay Slay)

6.     4 My Set (Prod. by Turnt Rie)

7.     No Competition - Lil Rarri x Benji Bands (Prod. by The Brain)

8.     Season (Prod. by Skinny Mooe)