Wes Blanco - Mr. Whitefolks

Written by Greg Harris

Coming off the heels of his latest menacing record, “Joyride”, Wes Blanco is tightening the loose ends of well-awaited project that’s coming sooner than later. As Blanco focuses on defining his strengths and pinpointing his weaknesses, he releases an ode to the legendary pimp, “Mr. Whitefolks” with his latest release. The start of the song features a clip from the documentary, “Pimps Up, Hos Down” where Whitefolks speaks on the origins of his name and soon after Blanco ignites his flow over the fiery production that Yung Knight offers. Blanco shows much growth with this record, presenting a storyline, providing much rhythm, and a catchy hook all into one single. As Blanco doctors his project, here’s another loosie that’ll will be a substantial piece that will hold you over. 

Listen Here.