The Sun’s Soundtrack: Why We Like Twelve’Len

Written by Greg Harris

The sunny coast of Florida have been emerging as one of hip-hop goldmines as of recent with the likes of Kodak Black and Denzel Curry becoming XXL Freshmen, Pouya, Fat Nick, and Wifisfuneral tearing up the underground scene with their raunchy delivery, and Robb Banks remaining polished and consistent with his releases + crisp visuals. The music scene has grown to be quite vast in the “Gunshine State”, where it’s known for its gritty settings that are among the streets of Little Hati to their lavish-filled lifestyles that can be displayed on Ocean Drive in South Beach. As the shape of the music in FLA continues to modernize itself, Miami-born artist Twelve’Len sheds some light on positivity, prosperity, and willingness to find happiness, which differentiates him from others in the area. 

After hearing about Coach K’s “Solid Foundation” Management Group adding him to their roster, it’s only right that K mixes his basket of talent after introducing the world to the likes of Lil Yachty, Migos, and Gucci Mane. Differing from his hip-hop acts, K found a gem with investing into Len’s career. His style of music is soul-driven, reflective, provides perspective, and breaths humility in a world that’s obsessed with material items and trendy topics. In his video for his single, “Stardust”, there’s a pause in between the video where he’s being interviewed about his thought process for his project, “Friends”. He responds with “I was aiming to make a soundtrack for someone who was living their last days on earth.” Being such a young artist that has molded a concrete format for his tracks and having a mindset as such to reference his project as someone’s soundtrack to listen to before they die speaks volumes. 

For new listeners, the best project you would start with would be “Friends” and some of the highlight tracks on this project are



My Baby


These songs are pre-cursors for the journey your ears will take and how Twelve’Len’ is one of this year’s promising to emerge. 

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