The Rage Era : Why Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, and Rizzoo Rizzoo are the new rockstars of Houston

In this day in age, the word “rockstar” is a lost art to some sense. Due to the fast paced society we live in, we’re more accustom to seeing trends of socialites reciting songs, dancing, or merely making a fool of themselves. These popcorn trends only last for a few moments and then it disappears the next day. You see that in a lot of artists with their music going in this direction, where it’s only a microwaved meal for your ear’s appetite. As the hunger for good music and personalities gets greater, three Houston artists are supplying that youthful energy and vintage Texas rage. These individuals are Rizzzoo Rizzoo, Dice Soho, and Trill Sammy and they're revolutionizing the soundawaves that are coming out of H-Town as of late. 

Each of these artists have contained a strong following but it seemed as they improved, so did the amount of fans they were garnering were becoming vast as well. From the instant impact Trill Sammy left with his first singles, "Trappin" and "Martin", he made it apparent he was a star with his raw southern pretty boy flow that will continue to flourish. As he grew, his fanbase grew from it's socialite presence to the credited figures in the Houston community. This growing process was assisted by Dice Soho, someone's been among one of the young leaders when it comes to the modern Houston sound. The combination of these two is one union that was needed because it opened the city's eyes to what the youth of Houston has to offer. 

Seeing others itching for a hit, these two effortlessly did that with "Just Watch", which released in November and it already has over 1 million views and have these two in a position to work with Slim Thug, Chedda Da Connect, and Soulja Boy. This independent grind by these two just goes to show you that majors are not needed in this situation. They are two defined artists who are reshaping a city's sound where it's origins are slow but they bring an undeniable energy that you have to rock with. With the right direction, Dice and Sammy can become superstars with consistency, elevation in sound, and separating themselves apart from any comparison. 

Along with these two, Rizzoo Rizzoo has become his own enigma while still being apart of the famous "Sauce Factory." This past year, Rizzoo Rizzoo showed out and showed everyone he's more than the designated hook man for every song. His verses and guest appearances are stand up moments for the young Texas artist because he shows versatility in sound, instant identification, and making sure you never forget how hype filled he will make each record he's on. The growth in his image is phenomenal and it shows he's able to work with anybody. Compared to the rest of TSF, Rizzoo Rizzoo has went outside his boundaries to experiment with other artists. The list of people he's worked with has variety where it can go from the trenches with songs with 21 Savage to re-creating a rage filled record with Lil Uzi Vert. The range in Rizzoo Rizzoo defines him, and no matter what the sound may lead to, it's one thing that Rizzoo knows how to do. That's knowing how to make a hit. 

I remember listening to "Off The Lot" for the first time when I was working with Rizzoo Rizzoo on his tape, "Itz Hot Sauce". The song was an instant hit but it took it's time to hit the radio and it's fans organically. In the midst of watching this song grow, Rizzoo Rizzoo was outdoing the competition with countless features, videos, and singles that were indicating he's going to be one of the largest acts in the Houston area for 2016. His songs started level up on one another and it just shows as Rizzoo gets better, so will the presence of songs will become massive and well rounded. It was hot for Rizzoo Rizzoo in 2015, but expect to see nothing but white flames from this shining star this year as he gets the rest of the city to ride his heatwave. 

These three al have one thing in common, they have the youth and the new generation of Houston at their disposable and fully utilizing it. Whether you want to admit or not, these guys are the new and true rockstars of Splashtown and its only right if the city catch up to their wave of success right now before it's too late.