Modern Life Mag BCB Best Collective of the Year : Crown Clique

When it comes to collectives in Houston, the legacy that Swisha House and Screwed Up Click has created paved the way for what the city of Houston is supposed to sound like. Aside from individuals such as Travis Scott, the general public perceives Houston the same way that they did in 2005, and one collective who’s elevating the perception and tearing up one stage at a time is Crown Clique. Crown Clique deep roster featuring Camino Kent, Kwasei La Flare, Rocky Banks, K-Trilla, TrippaRoyale, Tee Jaxxon, and OG Mexicooo, The members all bring a source of energy and intensity but it’s also used in different ways. Where Camino is the ring leader of turn up, Rocky Banks uses witty lines and radical delivery to get through to listeners, and Kwasei uses his cool demeanor to the best of his ability but also shows a menacing side of him that can’t be denied. From seeing these guys perform to them consistently pushing out music to turning the Houston underground music scene on it’s head, Crown Clique has it’s right to be among the best in H-Town.