MLM Sound Select : Cre8shun

We at Modern Life Mag have finally kicked off our new interview + mix series, "Sound Select".  This feature will highlight various DJs and get their perception on music and life but at the same time they'll showcase their skills with an exclusive mix.

Our first feature is Houston DJ, Cre8shun. She has taken a minimalistic approach towards her mixes with them being around 10-15 minutes but it's worth the listen. She infuses the aspect of soul with her music but utilizes a vintage approach with various skits from movies such as Poetic Justice. Her style is delivered uniquely and she has a bright future for being a tastemaker of sound in the erupting Houston music scene. 

So without further a do, Check out the feature and mix we did with her below. 

How’s Your Modern Life?

It's going. It's always just "going".


What are three things you think when you wake up? 

Damn, it's morning time already?, Am I going to class today?, Do I want to eat egg whites or honey comb?


What are three songs that start your morning off right? 

JaRule's "Livin it Up" which is such a fucking classic. "Banana" by Isaiah Rashad, and "Dangerous" by Michael Jackson - that's my life's theme song.


What would be a perfect plate of breakfast for you?




How has music played a pivotal role in your life?

Well, before I was an athlete. I was a musician. I come from a family of musicians, so it runs in my blood. Music has helped me make decisions, it has brought me out of my lows, and has brought me closer to my highs. I don't know, music is so therapeutic in more ways than one.


Who were some artists that you were influenced by while you were growing up?

Wow. I'd definitely have to go with Afrika Bambaataa, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. No hesitation. 


Have you ever had a moment when you realize how country Houston is? 

I haven't really thought about this. I'm not sure how to define "country". I'm not as Houston as everyone thinks being from Belmopan. But in other news, I saw my first pair of elbows (the things that come out of the tires) in September. That was great.


What inspired you to start DJing?

Well I've always either played or made music. I've always had an ear for it. I grew up wanting to know "what exactly does Bambaataa do?... why is his sound so great?". It was really my admiration of his work that drove me towards wanting to be more "behind the music". Then I introduced myself to Fruity Loop. Making my own beats in 10th grade, all by hand and mousepad (real, real tedious shit). Then finally the DJ controller, the midi, the launchpad, all of that. Instead of playing my keyboard and trombone, I can take multiple instruments, hi-hats, snares, all that technological shit and build a totally new sound. Lay it on 4 decks, and mix it. It was all a process.


Who are some key people you like to jam on your Soundcloud?

I usually love to take advantage of the "Explore" option, and listen to new shit. But if I had to choose.. I love Ta-ku. His mixes are always so crisp, with a house edge to it. Throw in a little Chynna Rogers, OSHUN, Hypetrak, and House of The Naked. That's pretty much who I'd go with.


Aside from you DJing, you were a pretty skilled basketball player as well. Give us a synopsis on your career? 

An honest synopsis: 2 torn ACL tears. That was my career. Basketball was truly life to me. Playing AAU was great, having college offers was great, traveling and playing division 1 collegiate basketball was great, it was all great. However, it wasn't what I TRULY wanted to do. I did it because I was good at it, I had a damn good reputation with it, I looked good playing it, and the game always came natural to me. Whether I'd go back to playing it, is... debatable. I'm too D.Rose with the knees to be so sure at the moment.


What are three things that define you?

My versatility, my morals, and my music. Deadass. 


What are three traits that describe your style as a DJ?

Selective, edgy, and unpredictable. My goal is to balance mixing new upcoming artists, existing prospering artists, and the classics (you can never steer away from the classics). Then I take that, and create my own sound. I ALWAYS have to put my own spin to the music I mix whether it's taking a 90's R&B acapella and laying out a house beat behind it, screwing a track, or playing with a loop and add some scratches to it. Showing my producing as well as my mixing side in one track. That's where I place my pride.


What are three pet peeves of yours?

Knuckle cracking. I hate, hate, hate knuckle cracking. 

When people put their hot sauce in the refrigerator. That's a violation. 

And when people ask if I am from New Orleans. This is an actual thing. Not quite sure why either. 


What are three things you want to achieve by the end of this year?

Well shit... it's already the end of the year. (1) I definitely want to jumpstart my next project for January 2016. Interior Pink was a success, now I want to take a different theme, different music, and take off with that. (2) I definitely want to lift my ass more before 2016, or my tits possibly but that costs money. I've been squatting though. That's free. (3) I also want to find my balance. I've been struggling to balance work, school, and my music. It's getting there, but I definitely want to master it before the new year comes around. 2016 will go much smoother for me.


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