MLM Premier : Scotty Brown - The Gold Tape

Houston continues to further their sound with more and more artists becoming more versatile. The diversity in sound has not only delivered a series of artists who present different things to the table but it's also giving the city a different soundscape. Straying away from the stereotypical  Houston genre, we have a young man who goes by the name of Scotty Brown. 

Hailing from the north side of Houston, but now residing in New York, Brown has grown to be one of H-Town's intellectual yet cooler rappers. The chilled out rhymes laced with old school samples are Brown's signatures and it's apparent in his full length project, "The Gold Tape."

It's short but it's compiled in a way where you get the point of it and the duration of the project just lets you know who Scotty really is. The features and production credits range from Kahrion, ICYTWAT, Nicotine, and more. 

The Gold Tape is only the beginning of what Brown has in store and we wanted to give you the exclusive listen here on Modern Life Mag. 

Listen here and enjoy.