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DeadBoy in the Land of Syrup // Lucki 's "DAYSB4TOUR" Tour Stop in Houston

When it comes to the audience in Houston, it can be very topsy—turvy to say the least. It’s really contingent on the notoriety of the artist much like it is in any other major city, but it’s also artist who come to town with their cult fans as well. Houston may be overlooked when it comes to some major artists on their nationwide tours, but it’s those who utilize the city’s live scene platform to generate the momentum to perform in front of the wave of growing fans they’re pulling in nationwide. You’ve seen that with the likes of Seshhallowwaterboyz, Comethazine, Playboi Carti, and more. This trend continues to trickle down for Chicago’s well-noted underground king, Lucki. 

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