Relevant + Revitalized: Def Jam UNDISPUTED x Hot 97 "Who's Next" Show at SOBs in New York City


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Ike Abakah and Zaire Ivey

Today in modern music it’s certain labels that are trying remerge in the ranks of the popular charts with a unique class of young and deserving artists who are looking to make their impact in the game immediately. One of the labels that’s experiencing a strong resurgence with their material is hip-hop’s staple brand, Def Jam Records. Moving away from the traditional format that they have used with other artists in the past decade, they’re moving towards a new forefront with the new pick-ups that they have recently added to their roster in this past year.

In recent memory, they have gotten the likes of S3nsei Molly & Lil Brook, Danileigh, YK Osiris, 10K Cash, and many more. Def Jam recently had a chance to bring forth some of this new artists to perform in a legendary live venue, SOBs. The exclusive event was a partnership with Hot 97 for their “Who’s Next” Concert. Modern Life Mag Photographers Ike Abakah and Zaire Ivey got some of the highlights of the night.

You can relive the experience below with our exclusive photos and video content that you can enjoy.